I often use the word patina and polish in my tutorials and invariably the question pops up. What is Patina? What is Polish? 

Let's find out.
Bare copper is bright and shiny and as everyone knows turns darker when exposed to oxygen in the air. And this darkening of copper jewelry happens looks like patches instead of an even shade. 

To ensure the copper jewelry stays rust free and shiny. The jewelry can be oxidised which means you use warm water with a tiny amount of liver of sulfur to turn it evenly dark. Its a very quick process doesn't take very long for raw copper to turn black when dipped in this liquid. 

You can then rinse it in water and its ready to be polished. I use a steel wool or Scrotch- Brite to polish the jewelry before and after the patina. 

I then spray all my pieces with Clear Lacquer Spray, which air dries in about 10 minutes. 

It's advisable to use gloves and mask while handling the Liver of Sulphur, which comes in a liquid form and just a few drops is required. Watch the process

Liver of Sulphur smells like rotten eggs and the Lacquer spray also has a strong smell which is better avoided. 

I also store my jewelry in small air tight pouches. You will see a world of difference, when you start doing this process
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