Hi, I enjoy your posts and would like to try out some of your designs, I have some wire but do not know what gauge it is, is there a way to tell?

This Question is from Sue Scarlet and it got me digging for information...So here we go...

For all those who don't know, wire gauge means the thickness of any wire.

There are 2 types of wire gauges. British or American, that are used to measure wire or metal sheets. Its easy to measure and understand which wire you have.

Choose a gauge system that you like, British Standard Wire Gauge or American Wire Gauge system, the choice will depend on what's available where you live.

Measure the gauge by sliding the wire it into a slot on the gauge which seems to be the closest fit. Keep trying the slots until the wire fits into the slot snugly. The number next to the slot will mention the gauge size like 10 gauge or 18 gauge.

Anyone wanting to add more informations on the same topic are most welcome.

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