Quick Wire Braided Bracelet Free Jewelry Tutorial

I made this wire wrap bracelet 6 years back as a beginner and making this tutorial for the same reminded me that wires have a mind of their own... we can all try to do the same thing, but duplication is not possible with handmade. The beauty of individuality in each and every jewelry always connects me to the uniqueness of each and every person on earth...

Let celebrate our own quirks and styles today with this easy step by step tutorial to make your unique braided bracelet. https://youtube.com/shorts/EvefZ8imZ4s?si=G8v-0YPbhDw8PN71 (Braiding Video)

I am using 18 gauge enamel copper wire over here. Word of caution with enamel wires... it marks very easily, so go easy on the pliers or use bare copper.

Would love to help with any queries or additions you might think about...
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